Friday Favorites: “The Preacher’s Catechism”

I’ve read some great books this year, but none have been as impactful as “The Preacher’s Catechism” by Lewis Allen. It was recommended to me by a good friend who is also a pastor. The chapters are short (3-4 pages) and I have been reading a chapter a day as a supplement to my devotional Scripture reading.

This book has been one of the most encouraging and convicting books I have ever read. It encourages me to press on while reminding me that my identity is not in being a pastor, but in Christ. It has pierced deep to my soul, left me crying out to God, and thanking Him for His abundant grace.

Pastoral ministry is a joyful task, yet filled with hurt and pain. Jared C. Wilson opens the first chapter of his book “The Pastor’s Justification” with this line: “The best and worst of times. Now you know what Pastoral ministry is”.

As a pastor, it is easy to take your eyes off of Jesus. Like Peter, we begin to sink when we see the waves around us, we feel the wind up against us, and we see that Christ’s call in our lives appears impossible. While we preach week-in and week-out for our congregations to “look to Jesus”, we often fail to do the same.

This is why “The Preacher’s Catechism” is so helpful and refreshing to the soul. Here’s a description on the book:

Your work as a pastor can make it easy to overlook the deep needs of your own soul. These 43 questions and answers, written to reflect the format of historic catechisms, seek to provide nourishment for weary pastors in the thick of ministry. Each chapter features content designed to care for your spiritual health, feeding your mind and heart with life-giving truth aimed at helping you press on in ministry with endurance, contentment, and joy.

Purchase a copy of the book to read and then give it to your pastor. Pray for the leaders of your church and point them to the goodness and grace of Jesus.

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