Three Things: “A Grief Observed” by C.S. Lewis

I recently finished “A Grief Observed” by C.S. Lewis. I’m not a big C.S. Lewis fan (don’t hate me), but I picked this book up at a local book store to finish off some credit I had on my account. By reading this book, I was able to check off for my 2018 Reading Challenge. It’s a rather short book. I finished it two installments. You can purchase it from here.

The book writes from a personal perspective on grief. I don’t know much about Lewis’ writings, but this one seemed to be a necessary rambling of Lewis’ dealing with grief. Here are three quotes from the book.

1. “Not that I am (I think) in much danger of ceasing to believe in God. The real danger is of coming to believe such dreadful things about Him.” (6)

2. “What do people mean when they say, ‘I am not afraid of God because I know he is good’? Have they never been to a dentist?” (43)

(This quote really summarizes the few paragraphs before it. Why are we not more hesitant to go before a holy God?)

3. “I thought I could describe a state; make a map of sorrow. Sorrow, however, turns out to be not a state but a process. It needs not a map but a history, and if I don’t stop writing tat history at some quite arbitrary point, there’s no reason why I should ever stop.” (68-69)

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