3 Reasons to Join a LifeGroup

At Grace Life, we are currently working through a series where we look at the Core Values of our church. You can visit the series page and listen to the sermons by going here. This past Sunday, Lawrence Wilson, our Director of LifeGroups, preached on the importance of gathering and living in community.

I want to piggy back off what Lawrence said on Sunday and give you 3 reasons why you should join a LifeGroup at Grace Life. Obviously, these 3 reasons are not exhaustive, but our very important reasons to take your Next Step and join a LifeGroup.

1. Growth Happens in Groups.

A friend recently reminded me of a saying in regards to groups: “Personal growth happens in circles, not just in rows”.  The meaning is, if you want to grow in your faith, it happens when you surround yourself with Christ-centered men and women who take seriously the command to pursue holiness. Our groups are not about hanging out and having fun. They are intentionally designed to be designated times in God’s Word.

Sunday sermons are a monologue where you have a preacher opening the Bible and teaching from it. LifeGroups are a dialogue where we can discuss how we are growing in Christ, our struggles in that pursuit, and openly have conversation about God’s Word.

Don’t take this as a dismissal to Sunday mornings. Our Sunday morning gatherings are designed to draw our attentional to Christ, pray for the Holy Spirit to work in our hearts, and worship together with other brothers and sisters in our community.

2. Other People Need You.

LifeGroups aren’t about us, they’re about other people. The New Testament gives us 59 “one another” statements which describe the importance on serving other people. For example. Galatians 6:2 says to “bear one another’s burdens” and John 15:12 says to “love one another”. You can see the complete list of “one another’s” here.

It’s difficult to “one another” another believer if we are not with other believers. We can’t serve other people if we aren’t around to serve. We can’t care for other people if there is no one around to take care of. Other people need you.

You have unique experiences, insights, struggles, and victories that can impact other people. For example, if you’re marriage at one point seemed hopeless, but through Christ you and your spouse have reconciled back together, your story and experience can be an encouragement to another couple who is going through the same struggle.

You might be saying, “Well, what about me?” The answer, in short, if other people are concerned about other people, then you’ll be covered.

Other people need you to join a LifeGroup.

3. Practical application from God’s Word.

As I stated above, are groups our not hangouts. They are intentionally designed to be centered on the Bible. Now, we spend plenty of time chatting with each other before and after group, but the purpose of gathering each week in someone’s home is to open up God’s Word and learn.

We take Sunday’s sermon and we “dig deeper”. We take what God’s Word says and we apply it specifically to our personal context. Matthew 28:18-20 says to “Go and make disciples”. On Sunday, we would hear about this call to go and we must obey it. In LifeGroup, we take that same passage, understand it comes from God, and we ask “Who can you disciple right now. Is it a coworker, neighbor, or friend. When are you going to share the gospel with them?”

Sunday’s sermon is like telling someone your New Year’s Resolutions. LifeGroup is taking the New Year’s Resolution and figuring out how to accomplish it and when you’re going to accomplish it. “I’m going to lose 20 pounds” is great, but how are you going to do it? You have to write out the meal plans, the exercise routines, and the people who are going to help you. Hearing God’s Word on Sunday is great- and vitally important. But you need LifeGroups to help you map out a plan to accomplish what you have heard and what you believe the Holy Spirit is leading you to do.


I encourage you to join a LifeGroup. If you can’t get plugged into one right now, let’s work together to multiply and start more groups to create more opportunities for people to join a group. Don’t miss out; take your next step today.

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