A Prayer for the Unborn

This morning, I, along with other Clay County Pastors and community leaders, had the privilege of praying at the Sanctity of Human Life Breakfast put on by First Coast Women’s Services. We were asked to pray for life and for the abolishment of abortion.

I want to share the various aspects of the prayer so you can pray as well. The American Church must continue to fight for the unborn and end this senseless act of murder. We must also share grace and compassion to those who have gone through an abortion and for those considering abortion.

The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy. I came that they may have life and have it abundantly. – John 10:10

Please join with me and many others across our country as we continue to stand for life and cry out to God to abolish abortion.

Pray for abortion to end in our generation!

Pray for the release and redemption of youth and adults caught in human slavery and sexual trafficking.

Pray for God’s provision and protection upon pregnancy care centers that focus on sexual integrity and the sacredness of human life.

Pray that the pregnancy care centers will receive financial provision and favor within their communities.

Pray for wisdom and hearts of compassion as pastors, counselors, and others minister to women and men who have participated in past abortions.

Pray for our youth and young adults that God’s truth who inhabit their lives leaving to right choices and godly dreams and plans. Pray that they learn the value of life as he has given it.

Pray for our community and leaders in this nation – mayors, town managers, commissioners, leaders, judges, Teachers, Governors, Senators, President and Vice President. May those in authority lead in ways that reflect God’s wisdom, truth, and blessings. Pray they take a loving, but firm stand for life.

Pray that salvation through is at our center and throughout our country.

Abolishing abortion may seem like an impossible task, but we serve a God who can handle the impossible. Let’s fall on our knees and cry out for those whose cry cannot be heard.


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