Known for Our Generous Giving

Yesterday, we continued our Vision Series, “Multiply”. This is why Grace Life Church exists. We desire to multiply by making disciples of all people. We want to radically obey Christ command to go. A part of that mission includes radical generosity. Generous giving of our finances is a means God uses to accomplish his mission. You can listen to the sermon here.

I mentioned yesterday that giving of our finances is a heart issue, therefore it is also a discipleship issue. We don’t give because God has financial needs; we give because the Gospel has changed us and is powerful enough to save our communities. Generous giving is not something God wants from us, it is something God wants for us. God is not concerned about the amount of your giving, he is after your heart!

We’ve been looking at the story of Jesus multiplying a boy’s lunch in John 6. How incredible it must have been for that little boy to watch Jesus take his five barley loaves and two fish and turn it into a feast with plenty of leftovers! This little boy demonstrates for us that Jesus can take your little and make it much and he will use it to advance the power of his name. In John 6:14, after the people had witnessed this miracle, they marveled that the Prophet had come into the world.

Jesus easily could have fed this multitude, but he decided to wait until someone stepped forward and generously gave.

A few months ago, Julie and I were invited to attend a conference to share our burden for Lake Asbury and to share the mission of Grace Life. While there, a poster with an acrostic of G.I.V.E. caught my eye. I write it here in hopes that we continue to grow in our generosity. With every check written or with everyone online donation made, our hearts should cheerfully rejoice in how Christ will use it to spread the Gospel.

G – Generously: the amount is not the most important thing but giving sacrificially is. The main characteristic of Jesus is that he generously gave and his giving was sacrificial.

I – Individually: decide between you and God what to give. Giving obediently means giving what God has asked you to give.

V – Voluntarily: giving is a response to the Gospel, not a sermon. We must remove the fear of generosity and replace it with faith and trust in a sovereign God who has promised to provide for us. (Matthew 6:19-34)

E – Everything without Credit: do not bring attention to your giving; bring attention to Jesus.

May we all live as generous disciples of Jesus, may we give generously in light of the Gospel, and may we trust in God to provide for us as we witness him take our little and make it much for his glory. May we be known as generous givers.

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