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We Belong Together: Biblical Membership at Grace Life Church

Let me take you to a moment in my living room, almost a year ago.  It’s Wednesday afternoon. The furniture has been pushed to the side, replaced with lights, cables, microphones, and a video camera. Intentional design has gone into... Continue Reading →

What I Learned From Reading the Bible Chronologically in 2020

One of my favorite aspects of the end of the year is deciding on a new Bible reading plan. In 2020, I decided to read the Bible chronologically, something I have never done before. After reflecting on my reading, I... Continue Reading →

Resources for our Holy Spirit Sermon Series

This Sunday at Grace Life, we kick off a new series on The Holy Spirit. We’ll be looking at John 14-16 as we continue our ongoing study of the book of John.  As Jesus was preparing His disciples for His... Continue Reading →

My Favorite Books from 2020

After coming off a year where I read a person best 104 books in one year, I had every intention of reading 105 in 2020. I started strong, reading 17 books in the first 10 weeks of the year. That’s... Continue Reading →

Hymn of the Week: How Great Thou Art

If I had to give you a list of my top three favorite hymns of all time, How Great Thou Art would be on the list and most likely at the top. It's a song I sing and listen to... Continue Reading →

An Election Day Reminder

Today is Election Day in the United States. Millions of Americans will wait in line today at their local precinct and cast their vote for President of the United States, their Representatives and Senators, both state and federal, and a... Continue Reading →

Hymn of the Week: My Jesus I love Thee

I grew up in a church that sang hymns on a weekly basis. We would take the hymnal in front of us, turn to the page number the music director told us, and sing a few verses of the congregational... Continue Reading →

Salvation Belongs to Our God! – A Pastoral Prayer

Sunday, August 2 Sermon Text: The Book of Jonah *Adapted from Jonah’s prayer in Jonah 2. In trouble, deep trouble, we pray to you, our God. You answered us. From the belly of the grave we cried, ‘Help!’ You heard our... Continue Reading →

Blessed are you, God our Father

***The Bible is filled with prayers from the saints of old. They are a model for us and at times help us pray to God when words our absent from our tongues.  This is a Prayer of David adapted from... Continue Reading →

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